Author: Sadegh Zibakalam
Publisher: H&S Media
Originally published on: 2009
Number of pages: 300
Mostafa Shahverdy
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Reza Shah

Reza Shah

I grew up in the Islamic Republic of Iran, and everywhere (historical publications, TV serials, films, conferences and the entire educational system from primary schools to universities) was full of ideology of the revolution, which was completely against Pahlavi kings. On the other hand, before the revolution, everything was completely different, and Pahlavi Kings (especially Reza Shah) were considered as patriotic heroes who rescued Iran from Qajar Dynasty, Soviot and Britain.

The thing that kept me reading this book (and makes me recommend it) was the fact that Zibakalam in this book unlike the post-revolution literatures against Reza Shah, argues that the rise of Reza Shah was the product of Iran’s internal social, political and economic conditions and also Reza Shah’s strong will and efforts which he spent to rise to power. And shows how his power ended with dictatorship, and how he was removed during WWII by Britain and Russia.

PS: The moment that I was reading the last pages, I realized that today is the anniversary of what happened in those pages. It kind of caught me there :)


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