Author: Bill Clinton & James Patterson
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf and Little, Brown & Co.
Originally published on: 2018
Number of pages: 500
Mostafa Shahverdy
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The President Is Missing

The President Is Missing

It sticks you to your chair, even if you are facing 500 pages! The book captured my attention from page one and I could not put it down.

Honestly knowing the fact that the co-author is the former US president makes you feel its too real to be just a story, specially if you have seen the House of Cards series! The story lies on a crisis about computers, and unfortunately its the weakest part of the book, specially if you are familiar with how IT stuffs work. You can find a lot of mistakes about how the hacking process happened, or how it was solved, but who cares, its a fiction!

Generally I liked the book and I recommend you to have a glance. I’m sure you will keep reading it.


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